Saturday, August 11, 2007

Walker's interview

Javon Walker gave an interview to HBO’s “Real Sports” about the death of Darrent Williams, which will be aired Tuesday. In an advance copy of the segment, Walker talks about the incident and the aftermath. And even though training camp has been pretty normal, the interview was a reminder of how fresh Williams’ death is.

Although nobody had the same experience as Walker, who held Williams as he was dying, the entire organization will continue to be affected by the death. There will be so many reminders during the season – some private, some public – that putting that aside will be impossible.

Walker was asked by HBO if the incident will affect his playing career, and the first thing he said was “I really don’t know.” He said he knows that he’ll give it his best. You’d assume all the Broncos would feel that, to various degrees. And it’s impossible to know when things will be back to normal. There’s no precedent for moving forward, at least in the Broncos' organization. Williams and Damien Nash were the first two active Broncos players to die, and they died within two months of each other.

The next reminder for the entire team will come next week. The Broncos will spend the week practicing against the Cowboys, not far from the site of Williams’ funeral, which was attended by the team.

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