Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Tweaking history

Tony Romo could have been handing off to Julius Jones or Marion Barber and throwing to Terrell Owens in Denver, not Dallas, if history had been just a bit different.

Romo said the Broncos and Cowboys were his two options coming out of college after he wasn’t drafted, but he chose Dallas. The Broncos passed on both Cowboys’ tailbacks for options who didn’t pan out. Tatum Bell was selected in the second round and Jones, who has more than 2,000 yards the past two years, was selected two picks later.

At least Bell had some good moments for the Broncos. A year later, the Cowboys got a good deal when Barber fell to the 109th pick of the draft, eight picks into the fourth round. The Broncos got a running back with the final pick of the third round. Yep, it was Maurice Clarett. Barber had 14 touchdowns last year and averaged 4.8 yards per carry as Jones’ backup.

The Broncos decided to pass on Owens after bringing him in for a visit. So how would things have changed if Romo, Jones, Barber and Owens had come to Denver? Jay Cutler might have not been drafted by the Broncos. Travis Henry would almost definitely be somewhere else, Mike Bell might have never got a look in training camp last year and Cecil Sapp would probably still be toiling at fullback. Javon Walker likely would have never been acquired from Green Bay.

Something to think about as Romo, Jones, Barber and Owens play against Denver in Saturday’s preseason game.

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