Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Preseason opener thoughts

A few thoughts from the day after the Broncos’ preseason opener:

-- If there was an area of concern Monday, it was the passing game aside from Jay Cutler and Javon Walker. Backup Patrick Ramsey had only 45 yards passing in almost three quarters of work. None of the receivers had a notable game, with Brandon Marshall, Brandon Stokley and David Kircus sitting out with injuries. The Broncos will continue to search through their options to try to find which receivers are worthy of a roster spot.

-- Denver’s run defense wasn’t great, but that shouldn’t be a big problem. Teams play very cautiously early in the preseason. They don’t want to give much away. With Jim Bates’ new scheme, the Broncos will likely continue to play it close to the vest until the games count.

-- Yes, cornerback Champ Bailey gave up a catch. That was very rare last year. But the pass, caught by San Francisco’s Darrell Jackson, showed that Bailey is still on his game. The route, the pass and the catch were perfect, or Bailey probably would have knocked it away.

-- Rookie defensive end Jarvis Moss keeps trying to play through a sore knee, and he was hobbling around a lot on Monday night. The Broncos have to try to weigh whether playing through the soreness is better than him sitting out and falling behind.

-- Travis Henry is legit. Fantasy leaguers who watched Henry plow through tackles Monday night probably moved him up a bit on their board.

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