Friday, August 3, 2007

Graham pitching in

The Broncos didn’t pay tight end Daniel Graham $30 million, including $15 million in guaranteed money over five years, to be just a blocker. Through the first week of training camp, it’s pretty obvious Graham will be included in the passing game as well.

Graham, who caught only 37 passes the past two years combined in New England, has been a favorite target of Broncos quarterbacks. He’s rewarded them by making some nice grabs, including a few Friday. For a man so big – and if you see Graham in person, you realize how massive he is, even compared to other tight ends – he is very agile and has good hands.

Remember too, the Broncos like using the tight end in the passing game. Shannon Sharpe became a Hall-of-Famer, Dwayne Carswell had a Pro Bowl year and Bryon Chamberlain had some good years as the main tight end in the Broncos' offense. Although the second tight end has been featured more prominently than former starter Stephen Alexander the past few years, if Graham is targeted like he has been in camp he could far surpass his season-best of 38 catches this season.

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