Friday, December 28, 2007

Smith upset with "individuality"

In his role observing the third losing season during his 14-year career with the Denver Broncos, receiver Rod Smith said he continues to be upset with the focus on the individual and not the team.

Smith has talked before about the way the Broncos’ championship teams of the 1990s worked out, practiced and conducted meetings with a single purpose, which was winning a Super Bowl.

“Our organization had a certain standard and how we did things,” said Smith, who was named a captain this year even though he hasn’t played. “Somehow we lost that standard. It’s not a matter of not playing hard, but it’s a certain way we conducted business. I know we’re going to get that back.”

Smith said he has tried to instill that attitude with the younger players, but sounded like he didn’t think his message was getting across. Smith said everyone within the organization, including players, coaches and himself, was to blame so he wasn’t pointing his finger at anybody. But he was frustrated because he didn’t think the Broncos’ 6-9 record is indicative of the type of team they have.

“Sometimes you see more individuality,” Smith said. “I’ve seen more individuality in the last four, five years than I have team. That’s a problem with me.”

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