Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Rivalry heats up

The shouting match between members of the San Diego Chargers, first and foremost quarterback Philip Rivers, and Broncos quarterback Jay Cutler was still being discussed Wednesday.

In the fourth quarter of Monday’s game, the Broncos were stopped on fourth down and ESPN’s cameras showed an exchange in which Rivers came off the sideline a few yards and yelled in Cutler’s direction. Even though trash talk isn’t uncommon, and was going on for much of Monday’s game, it is rare to see two quarterbacks talk trash to each other.

Cutler didn’t say much about it when asked Wednesday, but said he has never done that with another quarterback, and added it would be remembered when the teams meet next year.

“They talked a lot of stuff and it got heated between the two teams,” Cutler said. “Personally, I don’t think the teams like each other, which is fine. It’s just going to add to it later next year and the year after that.”

Also on Wednesday, safety John Lynch was given the first Darrent Williams Good Guy Award for his cooperation with the media.

“I was very fond of this young man,” Lynch said, holding the plaque with Williams’ name on it. “To win an award in his name is nice.”

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