Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Kubiak-Calhoun connection

Gary Kubiak has plenty of ties to the Denver Broncos, but he also is close to Air Force head coach Troy Calhoun.

Calhoun was hired by Broncos coach Mike Shanahan before the 2003 season to be a part of a staff that included Kubiak, the offensive coordinator. Calhoun spent three seasons with Denver. When Kubiak was hired by the Texans to be their head coach, he hired Calhoun to be his offensive coordinator.

Kubiak praised Calhoun, who was Houston’s offensive coordinator before taking the job with Air Force.

“It’s interesting because when Mike brought him in, Mike told me from day one ‘This guy is going to be a great football coach,’” Kubiak said. “As a staff in Denver we could see that from the get go.”

Calhoun worked on defense for a season, then moved to the offensive staff. Kubiak said that experience helped Calhoun prepare to be a head coach.

"Troy’s knowledge of both sides of the ball and the game of football are tremendous,” Kubiak said. “As a person, this guy is off the charts. You guys see what he’s doing at Air Force. I’m happy for him.”

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