Friday, November 9, 2007

Week 10 prediction

The Broncos could win this week. True, they haven’t played well, but the Chiefs are vulnerable. Without top tailback Larry Johnson, Priest Holmes and rookie Kolby Smith will carry the load. Holmes was a star once, but nobody knows what to expect from him now. And if the running game struggles the Chiefs probably won’t be carried by quarterback Damon Huard, who has been looking over his shoulder at backup Brodie Croyle most of the year.

However, the Broncos have problems too. Even though quarterback Jay Cutler appears fine after a scare with a leg injury, running back Travis Henry and safety John Lynch are banged up. Even if they play and the Broncos are close to full strength, it’s still Arrowhead Stadium. Since Mike Shanahan took over as Broncos coach in 1995 the Broncos have won only twice there in the regular season.

Maybe Denver can shut down Holmes and the Chiefs’ running game, make the Chiefs throw the ball more and cause some turnovers. But it’s Arrowhead Stadium, and somehow the Chiefs will pull it out.

Chiefs 13, Broncos 10

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