Monday, November 5, 2007

Cheap shot?

One thing that is tough to tell, even after watching the replay many times, is whether Lions tackle Cory Redding’s hit that knocked Broncos quarterback Jay Cutler out of Sunday's game was illegal.

Cutler said after the game that he was hit on the leg by a helmet. That was by Redding, who was flying into the play when it was obvious Cutler was going to be sacked by tackle Shaun Rogers. Even though it appeared Redding hit Cutler’s leg with his helmet, it also seemed Redding tried to hit with his shoulder pad as Cutler’s legs were being swung forward.

Shanahan said he hadn’t seen the television replays of Redding’s hit. He saw it on the coaches’ film and said he thought Redding led with his helmet but didn’t know that was the hit that injured Cutler’s leg. Using the helmet to unnecessarily and violently butt, spear or ram an opponent is illegal under NFL rules. Shanahan said if the NFL finds anything wrong with the hit, they’ll take action.

“If he did and it’s something illegal, obviously he’ll get fined for it,” Shanahan said. “I can’t tell you for sure.”

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