Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Not so fast

Chicago Bears quarterback Rex Grossman is an interesting case. Through 10 games last season, Grossman had 18 touchdowns and 11 interceptions, seven of which he picked up in two bad games. He was leading the Bears to the top seed in the NFC, and eventually the Super Bowl. Not perfect, but not bad for a quarterback who had 17 career starts.

Three games into this season, he is a villain in Chicago, a quarterback who can’t make a good decision to save himself. Bears fans will never forgive him for, in their opinion, blowing the Super Bowl against Indianapolis. They were chanting for Brian Griese on Sunday night, which should be pretty rich to Broncos fans.

Don’t forget, Griese had some decent seasons for the Broncos before he was run out of town. For all his faults, Jake Plummer was not a terrible quarterback his first three seasons in Denver. He was bad in his fourth season, but that was after fans and coaches lost faith in him. Remember, Plummer led Denver to an AFC Championship Game and had a solid season in 2005. In 2006 he quickly fell out of favor and was replaced. Sounds pretty similar to Grossman, doesn’t it?

Here’s the lesson – even though Jay Cutler is on top right now, is a favorite of Broncos coach Mike Shanahan and hasn’t endured a fraction of the post-Elway scorn of his predecessors, things can change very quickly. Especially for a NFL quarterback.

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