Monday, July 30, 2007

Details, details

This is my fifth year covering Broncos’ training camp, and I’m always amazed that no detail seems to slip by the coaching staff, particularly head coach Mike Shanahan.

A few years ago, the training camp after the Broncos had blown a game against New England because Deltha O’Neal had failed to field a free kick properly after a safety, the Broncos had a drill where they practiced fielding free kicks. This morning, Shanahan stopped the practice during a two-minute drill to announce the situation: 24 seconds remaining, a running play had just been stopped in bounds, and the field goal team had to sprint out on the field for an attempt. The Broncos rushed the field goal team on as soon as Shanahan was done talking.

That situation isn’t too unique, but just about every day there is some situation that Shanahan will make the team go over. Covering the small details like that might seem odd at the time, but at least the players will have seen it before it happens in a game.

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